Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Sun Is Out

The colours in this photo turned out terrible
and i was not going to post it but the lay out was really quick.
I love layers and textures but i kept this card very simple.
It really comes down to who you are making the card for.
If you know it's appreciated for the amount of work that can
go into a card i keep adding but when you know
the card will be appreciated but then thrown out
i step back. I still try to make a great effort.

I have so much washing on the line i am happy to see the sun.
I was caught in the down pour on Friday afternoon and
i was soaked to the skin but funny enough it made
me laugh and feel so alive. We try to keep our appearances
well kept but when caught out like i was and i was drenched
to the skin and there was nothing i could do about it
all i could do was laugh. My shoes got a good clean too.
Have a great Sunday afternoon.

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