Sunday, July 31, 2011

Birthdays All Round

We had a great day yesterday, visiting family
and celebrating Birthdays.
I was asked to make some Birthday cards
and here is what i came up with.

We also had a house full of teenage girls last night.
They all came over to get ready for a 18th Fancy Dress party.
So i couldn't pass up an opportunity to get out all my fancy
china and put out party food.
Sweets and also some hot food to fill their bellies before
a big night out.
I really enjoyed having all the girls over, such a lovely
bunch of friends and perfect manners.

My daughter, Minnie & her friend, Mickey.

They looked so great and we had so many laughs
helping them get ready.
We also had a Hermione, Wonder Woman and
a St Trinian's school girl.
They all looked fab.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How Sweet

How sweet is my hubby?
This sweet, i came home yesterday and he had
bought me some flowers, which was a great
surprise anyway.
But how cute is his arrangement.
This made my whole day.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Limited Supplies

I begged and pleaded to be allowed to take a small bag of craft supplies,
well not really. I took them anyway.
A while ago i bought this pack of bits and pieces of craft supplies
and i didn't open it until we were away.
I took very limited tools with me and when it was freezing cold and windy
outside and the boys were watching movies i made a few cards.
It was great fun just using what i had.
I thought i should do this at home, just pull out a few things and see
what i can come up with.
Well anyway here are the cards i made while away.

The kit i bought.

Winter Escape

Feeling refreshed and recharged to battle another term of school
and the Trial HSC.
We had a great week away in the country and one of my sisters
drove up for the day to visit with her daughter and our other sisters
children. Lots of fun and laughs and food.

My sister & nieces.

 We had to fit in a little retail therapy. My nephew & nieces.

 Some yummy chocolate covered marshmallows, what a mess they made with them.

 A glass or few of wine while cooking the BBQ.

 Our view from the kitchen window.

 Loved the teddy cookie with coffee.

 Very expensive morning tea, not a highlight.

 Had to keep the hubby happy.

 Cute furry neighbours.

 Our view.

 And if you were wondering where the photos of my children are,
well they are teenagers, so one didn't even come, stayed home for the week
and funny enough went to school to work on majors,
so we took my nephew along for the week to keep my son company,
so this is the best photo i have of the two of them,
as they don't "do" photos anymore.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Stampin Up Top Five Favs

Five stamp sets i couldn't live without at present,
: En Francois,
: Sanded,
: French Foliage,
: Artistic Etchings,
: & Very Vintage Wheel.

Five bits & pieces i love,
: Kraft Ink Pad,
: Crochet Trim - Victoria,
: Big Shot & all the accessories,
: Antique Brads,
: Sponge Daubers.

Here are two cards i made today using these products
and a few more. Similar in style but a little different.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lots of Layers

I love this card. There are many different techniques used on here.
I distressed, sponged, brayed, added
many layers and fussy cut out the flower.
I found inspiration from Teneale's blog,
I have learnt alot from making this card
and will try to remind myself to use more than one
technique on a card to add that extra bit more.

Monday, July 4, 2011

2nd Chance Card

Our daughter had another 18th to attend this weekend.
I made a card for her to give to her friend but didn't get
the WOW look so i thought i would give it another try.
So this is the card that got that WOW and her friends
thought so too. A text came through on the weekend
while we were away saying, "all the girls love your card,
its amazing and the b'day girl said she is going to frame it".
I was happy with myself for whipping up a different card
and the first card will go to a nice home too.
I have used shimmer mist, pearls, ribbon, embossing
and all things girly really.

B & B Stay

What a nice way to start off the school holidays!
Go away for the weekend without the children.
We really enjoyed our first visit to a B&B.
Never thought of ourselves being B&B types.
But surprised ourselves by having a great time
and even better a home cooked breakfast.
We stayed in the beautiful historic town of Morpeth.
We had business with the local jeweller and thought we
would make a weekend of it, relax and all before the
school holidays kick off.
So we are now back to reality but relaxed and refreshed.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Birthday Gifts

My dear friend Gemma,
 celebrated a Birthday yesterday.
So i created a few small gifts to give her at breakfast.
I embossed, stamped, punched, distressed
 and added bling to cardstock
to come up with the following gifts.
A card, a pillow box, to hold inside a ribbon bookmark
and a chocolate filled box made from the envelope
die also covered in designer series paper.
There was also a few other gifts but those were
not handmade, a girl that loves handbags deserves a real
handbag to use.
I am so happy you had a wonderful day, xx.