Saturday, July 16, 2011

Limited Supplies

I begged and pleaded to be allowed to take a small bag of craft supplies,
well not really. I took them anyway.
A while ago i bought this pack of bits and pieces of craft supplies
and i didn't open it until we were away.
I took very limited tools with me and when it was freezing cold and windy
outside and the boys were watching movies i made a few cards.
It was great fun just using what i had.
I thought i should do this at home, just pull out a few things and see
what i can come up with.
Well anyway here are the cards i made while away.

The kit i bought.


  1. Lovely cards you came up with!

  2. AWESOME Felicity!!! I love all the cards you created with my card kit. I am very excited to see it used. Do you mind if I post some on my blog?

  3. Yeah that's fine, love the look of your Paris kit, will keep an eye out.