Saturday, July 16, 2011

Winter Escape

Feeling refreshed and recharged to battle another term of school
and the Trial HSC.
We had a great week away in the country and one of my sisters
drove up for the day to visit with her daughter and our other sisters
children. Lots of fun and laughs and food.

My sister & nieces.

 We had to fit in a little retail therapy. My nephew & nieces.

 Some yummy chocolate covered marshmallows, what a mess they made with them.

 A glass or few of wine while cooking the BBQ.

 Our view from the kitchen window.

 Loved the teddy cookie with coffee.

 Very expensive morning tea, not a highlight.

 Had to keep the hubby happy.

 Cute furry neighbours.

 Our view.

 And if you were wondering where the photos of my children are,
well they are teenagers, so one didn't even come, stayed home for the week
and funny enough went to school to work on majors,
so we took my nephew along for the week to keep my son company,
so this is the best photo i have of the two of them,
as they don't "do" photos anymore.

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  1. Looks like a lovely week away! Looking forward to catching up soon. x