Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Mail

I recently recieved some beautiful cards in the post
for my birthday. It's so nice to know
that you are thought of when you recieve
a card in the mail.
I had a fantastic birthday, the day went too quick.
Any day i spend with my family is great.

Denise sent me this card.
Fifth Avenue Floral has to be one of my favourite stamp sets.
Thank you Denise.

Nerida sent me the following card and
a clever, beautifully decorated box
with a chocolate inside.

It's so nice how the card and gift match perfectly.

I had time in the afternoon on my birthday to relax so i put
on one of my favourite movies, The Holiday and had some of
that yummy chocolate. Perfect.
Thank you Nerida.

This is a very special gift that my daughter made for me.
She made a patchwork throw for me in colours i like
and with a lovely soft material on the back.
I was delightfully surprised and i felt so grateful
that she spent the time to not only make the quilt but
to take the time buying the fabric and choosing the colours.
I am missing her alot today as it is her first day
at University and i have loved having her home
for the last three months. She rang me earlier
to tell me she had a blister on her foot from
walking all over the place, that broke my heart.
But she went and bought some new shoes so she
will be right till she gets home and i can tend to her foot.


  1. HI Felicity, hope you had a lovely day, glad you liked the card. How funny, Matt also came home from Uni with blisters on his first day, Better pair of socks and shoes he went off with on day 2.
    How beautiful is your patchwork throw, very clever girl you have.

  2. So glad it arrived in time and in one piece! And that quilt ... beautiful colours - you are a very fortunate mum.