Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is in the Air

Valentines Day has hit this house hard.
This morning at 7.30 my husband took our son
to the florist. It was very sweet.
My son, a shy boy, organized with the florist
what he was after and how much he had to spend.
He bought red roses for his girl.
All this romance must have rubbed off on hubby
as i received a lovely red rose too.

 I made a cake to celebrate.

I hung my clay hearts about.

My red rose.

I picked up these cool kraft envelopes from Kikki. K
They are a great size to decorate and fit a card in with a sweet
treats cup. I added a clay heart for decoration.

I threaded the ribbon around multiple hearts that
i placed on with dimensionals.

1 comment:

  1. What fun to see and hear what is going on at your house for Valentines Day! Congrats on the flowers and how sweet of your son to get flowers for his girl. We think Allie's current love interest is going to give her a dozen roses tonight and she will be so excited never have had received a dozen roses from a boy yet. He is reported going to ask her to be his formal girlfriend as well (I am hooked to the rumor mill this week - but I think I am going to get cut off soon - LOL). Love your cards and envelopes too. Happy Valentines Day!