Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tea for Two Pouch

I noticed this little project at our Stampin Up
team training night. I am not sure who made it
as it was on the table with alot of other creations.
It uses the Envelope die cut twice and decorated
however comes to mind. As i didn't have a template
and made this one off the top of my head i will
need to adjust it for next time. It is too front heavy
with the tea bags so next time i will place the envelope
box closer to the bottom. It is so pretty and would look
lovely sitting on your desk at work with tea bags or mints.

I am so wind blown this afternnon. Soccer was at Mangrove Mountain
this morning and at times i felt like I was in the movie,
The Wizard of Oz and i thought we were going to be blown back
to home. Lucky for us we had our thermos of coffee to keep warm.
Have a great weekend and rug up.

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