Friday, May 25, 2012

A Case from Stampin Up

How does an early night turn into a very late night?
Soccer training gets cancelled and gives this Mum
a few more hours up her sleeve, so instead of getting
an early night which was advisable as this Mum
has been getting a little snappy lately.
Due to being the number 1 taxi driver,
cook, cleaner and the list goes on.
This Mum decided to have a look through the
2011 - 2012 Stampin Up Idea Book & Catalogue.
Which turned into Casing two cards from Page 5.
They really didn't take too long because the design was
there and once i decided on the stamps it all
came together quickly. I must do this more often
when I am stuck for a lay-out for a card.
Well that's why it is called the Idea Book.
The two cards are a little different but I tried to stay
true to the design and adapting with the supplies I had on hand.
I also made them full size cards.

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