Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Birthday Milestone

We celebrated my husband's birthday this week.
I made him the card below using all Stampin Up products.
To celebrate we had an amazing holiday to Hobart Tasmania.
We didn't stop except to sleep. The time went so fast but
we had lots of fun exploring and sightseeing.

Franklin Wharf

Salamanca Place
 I took this photo early one morning before we went to the Cadbury Factory.

We went for a cruise on the Derwent river.

The gardens and trees are amazing, the parks are beautiful.
It was an awesome time to visit with the changing of the season
and the trees dropping their leaves.

We had some time out to relax and we enjoyed a few coffees and treats,
o.k well more than a few coffees. We loved sitting in Dome in their huge
leather chairs by the windows and watching the world go by.

Mt Wellington.

We visited a flower show in Town Hall.
Apart from the amazing flowers on display, Town Hall
is a magnificent building, loved the chandellers and mirrors.

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  1. Happy Birthday Ian. It looks like you had a really lovely time away in Tassie. It is such a pretty place isn't it. Loved the picys Felicity, TFS. :)