Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time for Tea

We have been celebrating late into last night and today,
our dear daughter was given an offer to her
first choice for University last night.
So so happy and proud.
We have a huge year ahead of us.
To start we will be settling dear daughter into Uni
and getting our heads around that we actually
have a child starting Uni, scary.
We have two 16th, an 18th and 40th Birthdays to celebrate.
I am off to my first Stamp Camp and
looks like little old me is off on a holiday, more on that later.
So i was laying in bed thinking of everything that has to be done.
But then i told myself with such a big year ahead take a deep breath
and breath. I told myself what i get done great and what i don't must
not be as important as i thought. So i will see how that thought goes, seeing
i am a neat freak and everything really does need to be in its place.
So i have started on some cards and gifts to ease my stress levels.

I made this Tea Dispenser. I struggled with the measurements
and tweaked it alot and gave up twice and
spent three and a half hours on it.
But when it was all finished i was a happy girl.
Will i make one again?
Maybe not but never say never, right!
I was inspired to make this from here,
Have a great Friday all.

1 comment:

  1. what a big year you have ahead, but you survived this one... and your tea caddy looks great! If you ever do another one I have a template similar.