Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Heart to Heart

Here is the card i made for my husband for our anniversary.
I wasn't sure about adding the bling but it needed it i think.
It is now sitting on our bedside table so i know it was appreciated.
I am adding this card to the Festive Friday Challenge
and i was inspired by Madonna Dunn's card.
I love all the little hearts.
I am going to try and enter a few more challenges
this year so i can get the most out of my supplies.


  1. What a cute card! Very nice.
    Happy Anniversary :)

  2. Love all the hearts on this card! I'm sure your hubby will love it!

  3. I Love the stamped heart in the center! Just lovely!

  4. I think the bling is the perfect touch. How super that your card won a place of honor with your DH! Lovely card.

  5. Beautiful card Felicity! And I love the colours you've used. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Beautiful card Felicity, I'm sure Ian liked it. Not too pretty but pretty in it's own right. xxx