Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Study all Round

I nearly forgot to take photos as gifts and cards
were flying out the door last week.
The house has settled into becoming quite
and stress free so dear daughter can study.
She went to school today for lessons and has a few more days
over the holidays to go to school.
We received her school end of year report and are so
pleased as she came in the top five for every subject
and placed first in a few.
We had a lovely meal out on Friday night with a few friends to celebrate.
I made the girls "Stuvac bags", study vacation.
Here are a couple i managed to photograph.
Some snacks, sweets and a little mad money for a magazine
or something to keep them going for all the long days and late
nights studying.

I haven't been able to fit much card making in lately
but here are a few cards i made the other week.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful cards Felicity, Give my best wishes and congrats to your daughter on her top 5 results.