Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mid-Week Up-Date

Yesterday was a full day with my son at Oztag and
he scored a try, so proud.
Today it was work out in the garden with my nephew.
We weeded, watered and planted seedlings and watched
as my husband mowed.

We then moved inside and baked Rock cakes.
I haven't had them since i was a child but little
Max loves his sultanas so they were a good choice today.

 This afternoon turned out to be lots of fun.
We baked a Periodic cake for the Chemistry teacher,
for my daughter's friends class.
If you know Chemistry some symbols are missing but it's
the thought that counts, well that's what we are saying
and could only fit what we could on the cake.
 I do have two cards to share.
This card i made for the male teacher.
I tried, that's all i have to say.

 This card i made for the Dance teacher and i really like it.

Loving those cute little darling butterfly's.
The gifts went out today to the teacher's.
I have had positive feedback and an email
from the teachers
and they all loved them.
Two of the teachers don't want to use the cards,
 they would just like to keep them.
I am happy to know they were received well.

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  1. Hi Felicity, I love the Kindness Matters butterflies, its on my wishlist! You make such lovely cards.