Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Handmade Give & Take Gift

I wanted to share with you some very beautiful gifts I received in the post yesterday.
I adore the wrapping. I am such a stationary girl and I didn't want
to open my gifts because I just wanted to stare at the wrapping all night.
But it did get the better of me and I was going to save the gifts till Christmas
but really who could wait that long.
Here is a link to the Give & Take page that I participated in this year.
I had so much fun buying for my taker and I will post
my gifts when I am sure they have arrived.
I had such a warm and fuzzy feeling and truly felt spoilt when I
unwrapped my gifts.
How gorgeous is this card.


  1. yaaay! secretly stalking your blog to make sure you recieved your package (from me!) :) so glad you love xx Liselle x

    1. Thank you so much for the beautiful gifts and the thought you put into them. I truly felt spoilt. Thanks.