Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tea for Two

The school holidays have been flat chat around here.
So it was nice to have some time today to myself.
I made this card just for me so i could use some
new Stampin Up products.
I wanted to have a try at using all the products
so this card is a little different to the style i tend to stick to.


  1. Hi Felicity, Because you inspire me I have sent you a Liebster Blog award!
    You can pop over to my blog to accept it.

  2. Love me some tea and some tea images. Darling sentiment and card design. When I see cards like this, it brings back some memories. Back in the day, before I made my own cards I use to send a bunch of cards every week. Sending cards was my addiction instead of making them. I was also addicted to Stash Tea - the special blends you order and the come in beautiful packettes. I would send tea in my cards I sent and sometimes things like honey sticks. I know I am blabbing - have a great day!!!