Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Her Day to Shine

Monday was a day full of rollercoaster emotions.
Our daughter graduated Year 12 in the morning
and was given a Blue Ribbon Award for high
achievements academically and was placed
fourth for the year. She also danced a solo
part and then danced in a duo for the
graduation assembly, yes, i did shed
a tear or two, we are so proud.
Then it was off to hair and make up,
which nearly melted off in the heat.
Of all days did it really have to be that hot!!!
We had family over for afternoon tea and photos.
Then off to Terrigal for photos at The Haven
and onto Crown Plaza for the Formal.
I can share only a few photos as many have others in the
background and i don't have there permission,
we are waiting for the professional photos to become available.
Our beautiful baby girl has grown into the most wonderful,caring
and amazing young lady.

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  1. And oh so beautiful! Congratulations - you have so many reasons to be proud.