Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthday Surprise

Last week i celebrated my Birthday and i was spoilt.
I woke up to a lounge room full of pink balloons,
my family gave me presents and cooked a hot brekkie.
On the day i received this card in the post from my very
generous friend Gemma.

I was then completely taken by surprise when these gorgeous flowers were delivered.
I have never had flowers delivered to home before so i was completely blown away and
i had no idea who sent them.
I looked at my husband and he was shaking his head saying "their not from me".
So i was very intrigued to find out who they were from
and they were from Gemma & Tony.
Thank-you so much, xo.

My family decorated the chalkboard.

5 bags (1kg) of M&M's. i have a bowl on my craft desk that i keep
M&M's in so now my bowl won't be empty now till Christmas, (maybe).
I did laugh when i opened these all wrapped individually.

And last the view from the top floor room where me and hubby stayed the night.
This has to be one of the best Birthdays ever.


  1. Happy Birthday Felicity for last week. I didn't know it was your birthday, you kept that one quite from me!!!! I hope you had a great day, it looks like you did. Denise

  2. Happy Birthday my sweet friend... the calendar has slipped away from me this year. I am glad you had such a wonderful birthday! Families are what holds us together.